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previous law cases hired as an expert witness

Insurance lawsuits


1. Expert Report: Lloyd Gray Whitehead & Monroe PC Birmingham Alabama/Insured/Retail/Broker/Surplus Lines Broker/MGA/US Carrier  and Lloyds Syndicate Aug. 2018

2. Insurance Litigation Consultant/Oliver Maner LLP Savannah, Georgia/Blondell v. Contra Vest/Admiral Insurance Company/October 2018


3. Expert Report - Fireman's Fund Insurance Group, California, et al. v. Safeway, Inc., Hawaii Nut & Bolt, Inc., Civil No. CV15-00245; U.S. District Court for District of Hawaii, March, 2017


4. Expert Report - Catlin Specialty Insurance Company v. J.J. White, Inc., et al., 2:14-CV-1255 (MSG) January 4, 2016


 5. Phoenix of Tennessee, Inc. v. American Safety Indemnity Co., June 2015 


6. Expert Report, Deposition - Stonebridge Casualty Insurance Company v. D.W. Van Dyke & Co., et., Reinsurance Broker Litigation, Case No. 9-1--EV-81157 (SD FLA) Miami, FL, 2014-2015. 

7. Expert Report - Shasta Linen Supply, Inc. v. California Insurance Co. (Berkshire Hathaway), Cell Captive Litigation, Before California Insurance Commissioner, Case No. AHB-WCA-14_31, San Francisco, CA, 2015 

8. Deposition - Star Insurance Company v. Sunwest Metals, Inc., Case No. SACV 13-1930 DOC (DFMX) Star Claim No. PRCMB009115, File No. 12572, February 6, 2015 

9. Deposition at Arbitration - Applied Underwriters Captive Risk Assurance Company, Inc. (Berkshire Hathaway) v. Advanced Resources & Construction Enterprises, Inc., Case No. 01-14-0001-3923-1-CP, Portland, ME, 2015 

10. Reinsurance Rebuttal Expert Report - Lauren v. PNC Bank, N.A., Alpine indemnity Limited, et al. (Captive Insurance Company) Case No. 1-14cv-20474, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, March, 2015


11. Deposition and Trial Testimony - INS v. HRG & Howden Insurance Broker; Case No. 10-33653 CA 04 FLA Cir Ct. 2014. 

12. Deposition - Nova Insurance Services v. BB&T Insurance Services of California, Inc. Case No. 37-2010-0012178-CU, CAL Superior Ct. 2014. 

13. Deposition and Expert Arbitration Trial Testimony - Lincoln General Insurance Company v. Arrowhead General Insurance Agency, Inc., August 15, 2014 (Confidential).


14. Deposition - Nova Casualty Company v. Cypress Point Arrowhead General Insurance Agency, Inc.; Case No. 1:09_cv-5156, S.D., N.Y. 2010.



15. Expert Report - Northop Grumman Corporation v. Factory Mutual Insurance Company, United State Disrict Court for Central Division of California, Western Division, Case No. CV 05-8444 DPP PLAX Law Firm of Zelle, Hoffman, Voelbel, Mason & Gette, LLP, 2007



16. Expert Report - Insurance Ventures, Inc. v. Insurance Company of the West, MGA Agreement Dispute, Supra, Truce & Henein, LLP, San Diego, 2006 

17. Deposition - USI Holdings Corporation v. Christopher Rodenfels, 2006

18. Trial Testimony/Litigation Consultant/Expert - Workman's Auto Insurance Co. v. Guy Carpenter& Co./Marsh McClennan Insurance, Los Angeles Superior Court, Bingham McCutchen, LLP, 2006

19. Expert and Consultant - National Warranty Insurance Company, Risk Retention Group/Signet Star Reinsurance Law Offices of Gerard Such, LLP, 2006 

20. Insurance Underwriting Expert - Whispering Winds Catholic Conference Center v. Mark Insurance Co., Law Offices of Charles LiMandri, Esq., 2006



21. Deposition - Curry v. State Farm - Thorsnes, Bartolotta, McGuire, San Diego, 2005 

22. Litigation Consultant - Arbitration between Nations Reinsurance Corporation and Phoenix Life Insurance Company, P.K.A. Phoenix Home Life Mutual Ins. Co., Schiff Hardin, LLP, Chicago, 2005. 

23. Declaration/Supplemental Declaration - Gilbert West v. Staffing Services, Inc., Workers Compensation/Underwriting Dispute, Adleson, Testan & Brundo, Los Angeles, 2005 

24. Expert and/or Consultant - Alta Health Care v. Comrisk Insurance , et al,., US Central District Court Stanzler Funderburk & Castellon, LLP, Los Angeles, 2005

26. Insurance-Related Consulting Services, Opinions, Reports, Depositions, Trial Testimony - Buchalter Never Fields & Younger, Los Angeles, SIAI Insurance Co. (RRG) Ltd. v. AON Risk Services, Inc., L.A.S.C. Case No. BC 312231, 2005  

27. Expert - Peerless Insurance v. All Commercial insurance Services, Commercial Auto Underwriting Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith LLP, 2005