Curriculum Vitae

Andrew Barile, CPCU
Andrew Barile - CPCU, MBA - (printable flyer)

Andrew Barile - Founder, President, CEO

BEST's Recommended Expert Service Providers 10 Years   Andrew Barile Consulting

Andrew Barile Consulting Corporation, Inc.
provides Insurance and Reinsurance Consulting Services To Law Firms, Insurance and Reinsurance Companies, Captive Insurance Companies, Insurance Agencies and Corporations.
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Mr. Barile has over 35 years of experience which spans the entire insurance distribution system. He has an intricate knowledge of the insurance and reinsurance industries, having been a practitioner in all phases of the industry. Mr. Barile has either owned or has been employed by the following types of insurance firms:
▪ Wholesale Insurance Broker/Excess and Surplus Lines
▪ Managing General Agency on Behalf of Both Admitted and Non-Admitted Insurance Companies
▪ Admitted and Non-Admitted Insurers
▪ Reinsurance Intermediary
▪ Direct-Writing Reinsurer
▪ Broker Market Reinsurer
▪ Bermuda Reinsurer
▪ Captive Insurer

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